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No Rest for the Weary

The hit parade continues. I'm stretching pretty hard to make it so I don't lose track of everything at the office and can skip work tomorrow for a long weekend in the Poconos. But, of course, my office never quite cooperates. I've got to plan for the fixing of several issues with one website, make sure everything is set for running cable to the office expansion on Sunday, and get ready for giving training sessions on another website in DC on Monday & Tuesday.

Gah. I'm afraid I'm going to run into what my dad once said. That you have to work an extra week before and after just to get a week off.

Whatever, right? I've bitched about this job before. It just doesn't seem to stop. But now I'm also looking at houses ... which means mortgages ... which means credit checks, and part of a credit score is how long you've been at your current job, apparently. Well, screw you very much Mr. Credit Score.

The best word for how I've been feeling lately? Stymied. And I've been doing a lot of sublimation into GTA: Vice City. I just hope my wife doesn't feel ignored; I don't think so, because she's usually been in the midst of web page writing or emailing while I've been playing the game. That's part of what this vacation is for, anyway. Off to PA to get away from it all. Well, all except for the couple we're bringing along with us, the same couple who we went to Ireland with.

- Pookah

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