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Just when you thought it was safe ...

I walked in this morning and toasted a bagel. Breakfast is one of the benefits of Friday mornings in my office. I get three bites in when someone tells me about some printing issues. Strange that they would ask me about something I'd addressed before and that they brought up like it was new, or at least newly important. Nothing I could do to fix it, so I just brushed it off with the "no news on that front" kind of comment.

Someone else was having internet access issues. So I grab a spare cable, think about it for a while and try a few other things to no avail. Then another employee comments that their internet is down. A third chimes in with a "Me too." Not that I could've been informed en masse. So a bigger problem is afoot, affecting everyone on that side of the hall.

Turns out the president of the company unplugged the non-contract-code-requiring printers on the far side by unplugging the power strip underneath the table that powered both of those. Which is why the new importance of the remaining printer was a topic earlier. Well, that aforementioned power strip also powered the network hub in the ceiling that connects all those computers to the company network. Way to go, Joe.

Great, easy fix. Restore power to the hub, swipe the printer power cables so nobody gets smart and plugs the printers back in, and we're back to an internet-enabled office. Well, minus one machine. This time it's a different one entirely than the one I'd checked before. More diagnosis. Jack's gone bad. Time to go into the ceiling ... and my predecessor left no help with which to identify which wall jack went to which port on the hub. ARGH! So a process of elimination follows. I end up testing all the jacks and end up with two unidentified cables and one busted jack. Oh yeah, and one loose end in the ceiling at the hub end of something. Fiddle around with the hub some more, and her jack's cable has a less-than-perfect plug on it. It must have slid out, probably when the power cord was tugged as the president yanked the aforementioned power strip. Joy.

So, now having wasted my morning on technical stuff but with a feeling of accomplishment, I was able to start some of the day's work I'd planned for just in time for lunch to hit ... well, after fielding all the questions from the people working on the large project I'm sort-of-managing.

Hoo boy.

- Pookah

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