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Scratch that. No annual review yet, and that sucks, because today's intended demo to a client was a fiasco. I spent all morning this morning trying to open up our firewall just in case (Plan A) and couldn't quite get it figured out. So I went to plan B. Their firewall blocked all my attempts to show them our new site, AND managed to block out my backup plan, too. Nothing I could do. I felt SO useless.

Thankfully, I quickly formulated plan C, and have a 1:30 pm meeting to show the site tomorrow. Guaranteed to work, even if there's a power failure, since I'll be putting everything onto a laptop that was originally intended for such a purpose. So tonight I need to copy the site over to the laptop. I also need to set up someone else's new machine, because their machine will be going to someone else.

*sigh* I just had lunch. A bag of potato chips. Otherwise, I've had three sodas today. I've been running around so much I just didn't have time. I might be the next one in line for performance review, too. Joy. They'll probably try to do it to me tomorrow morning. Yes, "to me" is what I'll call it, since it's not like I don't have better things to do.

Time to stop bitching and go back to waiting. I can't get the computer out of my boss's office because he's in the middle of somebody else's review, and one of my coworkers is still in the midst of patching a really heinous bug that he found that popped up somehow after we left. Maybe it wasn't so bad that we couldn't see it. Then again, we wouldn't have been too concerned. They do know it's still a work in progress.

Gar. Just means I yet again can't get out of here at a reasonable hour.

- Pookah

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