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There's nothing quite like a long 10-hour stayed-up-way-too-late gaming session with a board and cardboard counters to help you feel like you're still an irrepressible gamer. It's not like we finished, but hey, it's a 1982 Avalon Hill game called Wizards complete with player tokens that resemble half the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar. My friend Alex really digs the game, but I also got him hooked on Ratchet and Clank, the PS2 game. He usually claims to be horrible at 3rd person style action games, but if you can trick him into playing one (usually in the midst of something else), then he's easily hooked if it's a good one. We had to keep making him put down the controller to play. *LOL*

Anyway ... my New Year's party was a success. Just around dinner time I managed to kick the hangover from too much drinking and not enough food on New Year's Eve Eve (30th). It was half-worth it, since I don't see the card shark all that much anymore. I still didn't drink much on New Year's Eve, but I was "a hurtin' unit". Some ramen noodles with extra water for extra broth hurt at first but really improved my health. By dinner I was much improved, if not quite well.

We went to Gibby's in Timonium for an early dinner. Known for their seafood, but good surf'n'turf too. I played it safe and nibbled at my wife's dinner. At those prices, it would've been a tragedy to let anything go uneaten. Stuffed rockfish. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Should I continue my Momento-style reverse chronology? Nah. Enough for now.

- Pookah

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