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Another awesome show

Yes, as it is well known, good music motivates me ... lifts me up. And last night's show was totally awesome. I went to see Doves last night at the 9:30 Club in DC. I went with the babe and a co-worker and a friend of his. He'd seen them the last time they came through, which was when I had a ticket to see Willy Porter that night. And even he agreed that last night's show was better. The show's last tickets sold out while we were standing out front waiting. The place was packed before Doves took the stage.

The opening act was My Morning Jacket from Louisville, KY. All guys with hair longer than mine or my fiance's, but it accentuated the frequent headbanging they did. They were great guitar players, with a good drummer. The lead singer, though, kept intentionally putting his sizeable mane of hair in front of his face ... particularly before stepping up to the microphone. He also had a lot of distortion in his vocal setup. I found out that was intentional, too. I bought their most recent CD at the show, titled At Dawn. Good mellow stuff, with just enough of a rock edge. I can hear the influence of Neil Young and Matthew Sweet in their music.

Then Doves ... oh my. Solid set, great response from the crowd, and good atmosphere. They had a video clip for every song playing on a movie screen above and behind the stage, with a big "fist-inside-a-circle" logo that said "Doves Soul" on it to either side. There was also a ton of lights all over the stage and they moved and projected everywhere. The music was absolutely amazing ... well-played AND usually a little bit uptempo compared to the CD version.

I think they started with Pounding (which might have been named for what the drummer is doing during the song) and then followed that up with There Goes the Fear and Words, all from their second album titled The Last Broadcast. Thankfully, they did my two favorite songs from that album, which are N.Y. and the title track. They also did a few tunes from their first album, including The Cedar Room, The Man Who Told Everything, Sea Song, Rise, Catch the Sun, and Here It Comes, where the lead singer and drummer swapped out and the drummer sang and played harmonica. That was part of the encore, which was followed up by a tune that is probably from the band's earlier techno-ish days as a band called Sub Sub that featured video from the movie 2001, or at least related to it. After a little research, they did the same thing at a prior show, a song titled Space Face, so that's probably it.

A fast-paced energetic set. Just what I needed. Catch these guys on tour if you can.

I also just found a Washington Times article on the band.

- Pookah

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