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All of yesterday and today I've been suffering from the slow-moving sickness. Muscle aches, general malaise, and a throat that is scratchy, impossible to clear, and only a touch sore now and again. That, plus waking up the past two mornings with horrible morning breath. Yecch.

The babe must have known I felt like crap. I remember her asking if I wanted her to set the alarm. No, no, I'd be fine, I said. Right. The radio was on my favorite morning show, and I faded in and out of consciousness until I suddenly sat bolt upright, dressed, grabbed a few things, and vacated the apartment in five minutes flat. Unfortunately, by this time I was a half hour late. BFD, as my boss had no idea. I'll live, but I really could have used a nice muscle-relaxing hot shower this morning. When I get home'll have to do.

And we've come to the best part of wedding preparation. CAKE TASTING! ROCK! Contestant number 1 was a nice lady who made the cake I absolutely adored at a friend's wedding. It was just as moist and tasty yesterday. Plus, she was willing to do whatever we wanted in a cake, but was also willing to tell us a lot about other cake's she's made. And the yellow vs. devil's food decision has been made. Apparently, according to the chef herself, devil's food cake always comes out drier. I think yellow tastes better anyway.

Tonight is contestant number 2. A shop, if I remember correctly. Need to get an address for that place.

I'll refuse to grumble about deadlines, though.

- Pookah

PS: The new Doves album is awesome!

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