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Presenter extraordinaire

All things considered, today's meeting in DC was a success. Not a smashing success, but a small one. I got a lot of misunderstandings cleared up, got some of the guidance I was looking for, and even one of the bones of contention between my boss and me ended up adjudicated my way. I'll not be laughing in his face about it, but I knew it was something that they'd agree shouldn't be allowed.

But ... he threw me a curve. He wants it to work with the old Cold Fusion system, but wants it done in ASP. Argh! Sigh. I do NOT want to go through that again.

Big upcoming problem #2) About one-third of the people use an alternate set of screens to do a lot of their navigation through the website. My boss has wanted the alternate set killed for a long time. However, one of the main users of these new screens I got a chance to talk to before the meeting. She doesn't know that these screens are slated to be chopped out ... but she definitely is "on our side" right now. Removing those pages would probably kill that immediately. Granted, he wanted them killed sooner, but I've quietly stalled so far. Maybe I can keep it going. I really don't think he knows the political fallout of his plan of action.

Still, I've learned to give the man some room to operate and didn't stick my foot in my mouth. Knowing how each committee member approached the topic was a huge help. I played the game of "What's My Motivation" to each of them and figured out what I needed to highlight and what I needed to avoid. We still got dragged into discussions of who had to do what part and such ... but my presentation thankfully steered clear of it altogether. So people could posture and state their thoughts, and I was able to (after a few minutes of venting) pull it back with a "Regardless of who's doing it, we need to agree this is what needs to be done before we can really consider assigning responsibilities."

And the one guy who I knew was in tight with the offices was once again their champion. We'll see how all this pans out. They want us to pull from another system instead of getting our own data because they want to avoid entering numbers more than once. Ick. As I said in the meeting, "Let's make the system work, first." I can't prove I can connect the two systems, and one other committee members was extremely pessmistic that it could happen.

Oy. Enough. I'm wiped out. But ... pleased. =)

- Pookah

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