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Jun. 18th, 2002

I must have the kind of soul that people want to take places.

One friend owes me money, and I haven't been after him for it because we were supposed to go to Las Vegas for a week at some point and that was going to cover my airfare. Still could. He hasn't forgotten, which is cool. But he's going this August. There's NO WAY I can pull off getting four weeks of vacation my first year ... is there? Hmm. Well, he is supposedly going next spring break as well.

And at lunch yesterday, I got an invitation to go to Pennsic with a group that's planning out their construction already. O.O I always wanted to go, and this sounds like a cool bunch of people ... but it's TWO WEEKS in August. Yeowza! Slippery Rock, PA is a place I've driven near a few times, but they had some good stories to tell of the campground, much less the event.

Well ... if I can find a new job by the end of July, perhaps I can start at the end of August and then my new employer'd only have to worry about me taking off for a week for my honeymoon. Heh. Right.

And one of my groomsmen is thrilled to be in the wedding. But as a member of the Marine Reserve, that might not be a good weekend. Ick ick ick.

So much planning going on. I must be relatively caught up. Relatively. I'm putting my Saturn in for service Wednesday, got some lawyer stuff done I hadn't been diligent about, etc.

- Pookah

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