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The weekend retreat was ... well ... pretty good for the two of us, I'd say. A nice weekend spent together focusing on the two of us. Granted, we were sequestered away and not quite proselytized to, but the sequestering was nice since it kept out the outside world. I'm still processing it a bit. Seven years of knowing each other meant that we'd already covered several of the topics it addressed, but as a crash course in "Things You Should Know Before You Marry", it serves its purpose well. Where it wasn't informative, it was at least mildly entertaining. So we had a fun weekend with the Trinitarians, the order of monks who operate the monastery we were staying in, who historically were the same order that ransomed Christian prisoners such as Miguel de Cervantes who would go on to write Don Quixote.

I don't know quite what's on tap for this week, but it'll be a doozy, nonetheless. More soccer tonight and next Tuesday.

In sports news, I'm cheering on the Hurricanes, who've got to get their act together to derail the Detroit Red Wings. I'm also keeping tabs on the World Cup, as the US soccer team is doing well so far and look like they have a very good chance to advance, particularly if they can beat Poland later this week. Hoo-hah.

- Pookah

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