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Jesus Jones show review

That show ROCKED! Jesus Jones in a small venue made for a very high intensity show. I was singing so loud my voice is still scratchy. I wasn't sure how the turnout would be, and sure enough, on arrival mid-way through the openers' set there were only about 25 people there. The opening act was "Army of Me" (Bjork ripoff in name only) and they were alright. Not overly impressive, but a listenable 3-piece. They definitely saved the best song for last, whatever it was.

Jesus Jones came out strong and played very uptempo, and when they went on people started coming out of the woodwork and the crowd about tripled. Much better, especially for a club that size. Four out of the five man band were there. Iain's keyboards were noticeably absent, but they had a DAT machine to playback all the various sounds and extras that he'd usually be adding. Iain just couldn't get away from his radio DJ gigs back in the UK. I'll not speculate as to whether or not he wanted to come stateside, but the band soldiered on and I'm glad they did.

Something did get glitchy with Alan's bass during the show, thankfully between songs. But he fixed it right quick and Mike (vocals and guitar) said, "If that's the only technical problem we have tonight it'll be much better than Boston." At the Boston show they did at the end of May, the DAT machine crapped out most of the way through.

The song selection was a fairly even spread over all the albums, and half of the current one.

From Liquidizer:
"Move Mountains" 2nd, "All the Answers", "Never Enough"

From Doubt
"International Bright Young Thing" 3rd, "Real, Real, Real", "Right Here, Right Now", "Who, Where, Why?"

From Perverse
"Zeroes and Ones", "Idiot Stare" encore

From Already
"The Next Big Thing", "Chemical #1"

From London
"Message" 1st, "Rocketships of La Jolla", "Nowhere Slow", "To Get There", "In the Face of All of This"

That sounds about right. They might have also done "The Devil You Know" from Perverse, but I wasn't exactly taking copious notes. My voice hurts from singing so hard. And they did preface "All the Answers" with a shout-out to the long time fans. They sounded good and played a lot of the faster stuff. Now if only they'd have played "Maryland" (a b-side) while in Maryland ... =)

They're touring the country headed west, and I recommend catching them if you like fast rock. These guys helped start the electronica binge. Wish I could see them again.

- Pookah

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