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To Infinity, Virginia ... and beyond!

The trip was pretty good. For all of Friday's psychodrama where we almost didn't go at all, it was a good time. I managed to make some new friends and bond closer to some others. We went to see the family of B, my best man's fiance. K, my best man, is one wild driver. With him behind the wheel it can only be described as an adventure.

Saturday morning we met up at an hour that can only be described as ungodly, then headed south. With five people in the car (K, B, K's sister, the babe, and myself) I got stuck in the middle of the backseat. The combination of being one of the two skinniest people and the front seat already having been claimed ... ah well. They were nice enough to let me prop my legs up on the front seat armrests. We drove down the western path, along I-95 past DC into Virginia and then down I-64.

Norfolk is definitely a coastal town. Relatively flat, with bunches of bridges and swampy bits. B's grandparents and mother had a big lunch prepared. Ethnically Greek, so I got adventurous and ate stuff I normally wouldn't consider. Not bad. Though I wish the doma had not been vegetarian. And the veggie-person didn't even come along for the trip. Heh. We were put to work afterwards, though, hauling boxes from the attic down to cars, then out of the cars into a shed. The shed was found to have pictures of the former resident ... from her trip to Israel in 1971. This upset one B's brother, particularly the one of the lady in the bikini, since she was 17 then and he is 18 now. That could cause a bit of a time shock, I guess. Oh yeah, and we actually swam in the grandparents' pool. Very refreshing compared to the 130 degree sauna of the attic.

The cookout at B's father's place went reasonably well. There were some brief rain squalls, but they blew over quickly. I enjoyed a few Coronas and a burger or two. Mingled. Cracked jokes with one of B's high school friends, who apparently has long been known as "Big Gay Dave" and refers to himself by this title. He could never have been closeted. The handshake and tone of voice were way too stereotypical ... almost an affectation, like he was trying to. But generally speaking he was cool. Laid-back and down to earth. Then again, I'd be less high-strung if I had a job watching softball games. Less well-paid, but less high-strung.

Sunday was the return trip, and at my asking (after discussion at IHOP) we took the eastern path home. Across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel on US 13. Then north to Salisbury, MD and northwest on 50 across the Eastern Shore. Once again, I got the middle of the back seat. Reasonable, since again the people on either side of me did a large amount of sleeping.

Sunday night's dinner was cooked by the once-again marvelous cook friend of ours. I swear, we should take up a collection to get her the dream oven she wants. That would be an investment in quality for sure.

I also learned to play "Fluxx" ... a Mensa-award winning card game with a simple rule. Draw one card, play one card. The rules (AND the way to win) keep changing almost constantly after that. One could even say they were in ... flux. Heh. It's made by Looney Labs, a company who are definitely inventive, I'll give 'em that.

Ah well, time to finish fixing the president's computer. He caught two viruses ... and I'm glad I prevented the initial person from FORMATTING the hard drive, even if it did take me two working days. I did get some other work done during the process, anyway.

So, anyway, I'm back, and I'm going to see Jesus Jones tonight at Fletcher's. I heard the new album, and it's ... okay. No songs that really grab me, but I hope they haven't completely lost their rocking edge. Speaking of which, I better get ready for the show ...

- Pookah

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