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Weekend Update

Something like that, it being Wednesday.

Anyway. I crashed out Friday night, so I stuck around instead of driving up to the campground. I was actually ordered not to, by the babe. So instead I used the revitalized energy to play a large amount of Obi-Wan on my roommate's X-Box. Fun with lightsabers, but I think I like the graphics on the PS2 much better.

Soccer on Saturday went really well. The field was really scenic, with the sun and clouds making wild patterns and colors in the afternoon/evening sky. And my game was like a track meet. Both teams were really good at working the ball and making scoring chances, and I kept the game under reasonable control without too much fuss. One yellow card, and though the rest of his team was lobbying, the player I gave it to only said, "I know. My fault." Got a nifty Adidas and tournament logo drawstring bag and a no cash value tournament logo coin. Just as big and as heavy (and as easy to keep track of) as the 50-cent piece I had been using, and worth a whole lot less! Yes, that is a good thing. *smirk*

Camping was wild. Four couples who've known each other for long periods of time, three couples with very little shame, two tents, one long heckling session. Yes, Virginia, there is a nookie tent. *laugh* Not that I made usage of it, mind you. And there was great campfire cooking and bonfires and gaming and talking and general lazing about. Made for a great weekend.

Then Monday meant coming home, and my family's three-at-once May birthday celebration. It was weird, as all my gifts were opened first. My uncle got a gift certificate but though his card was awesome. My cousin's eyes lit up as she had a coupon to go to the Build-A-Bear workshop. We're talking really happy room brightening type smile. And my sister, we'd gotten her a dirt-colored shirt when we went to Sedona, AZ. It had a gecko on it, which my sister is fond of. Bit of a story to that, if I ever decide to tell it. But as for the shirt, when I say dirt-colored, I mean pigmented by dirt to an orange-y kind of color. Sedona is famous for its red rocks, after all. I have to admit, there was a lot more new age-y type stuff (crystals, maps to mystical vortices, monks outside the Starbucks, etc.) around Sedona than I'd expected, but when it's scenic and semi-secluded ... hey, to each their own.

Now, time to do more of the 10-days worth of work I've been asked to do by Monday. Thankfully, it's widely known that it won't all get done.

- Pookah

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