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Happy 2011

So a lot has changed since June 2010. Work's changed a lot. Baby N has started walking around most of the time. J is in a different pre-school this time around. Ravens had a winning season but flamed out in the playoffs. Caps had a nasty losing streak but won the Winter Classic, and I even got to go to that game on New Year's.

Have to see what 2011 will hold.

- Pookah

Dragon Age ending, 2nd time around

Multiple playthroughs of anything take longer now than they might have five years ago. Then again, I did also play Fallout 3 (and all of the downloadable content) in the past 3 months, too.

And this time it went like thisCollapse )

- Pookah

Doves - "Best Of..." Coming April 20

And Doves is a band I will recommend to ANYONE.

They even did a promotional version of their new track, Andalusia, on The Observer's website ... what makes it more awesome? It's an acoustic version played in front of a massive satellite dish at a place called Jodrell Bank.

Why the satellite dish?Collapse )

I also found a 4 minute film clip where they talk about their first album as Doves. I'm still astounded that they stayed together as a band and completely changed musically after their old studio (and the master tracks from an album-in-progress) all literally went up in flames. They changed the name, changed their sound, and tapped into a batch of awesome.

- Pookah

J's First Hockey Game

That was the big news of Sunday. With one ticket (row C, section 411) for the Washington Capitals vs. the Calgary Flames I took my little girl to her first hockey game!

She napped the whole ride south to DC, then walked in saying all kinds of things.
When warned by me that it would get loud at the game, she said "I like loud."
When our ticket was checked at the door, she said "We have a ticket. We're going inside. I'm going to watch the hockey. With daddy."
When asked if she would was wearing red to support the team, she said "Red! I LIKE red! Red is my favorite color in the whole rainbow!"

Our team lost, but we had some things to cheer for anyway as they scored more later. She liked clapping. But ... towards the end, she was bothered by all the people saying "Ohhhh!" whenever there were close shots and scoring chances. She thought they were saying "No!" really loudly, and she did not like that at all. But with big hugs from me and sitting on my lap, she did ok, and was better after the game was over.

And yes they do have a diaper changing station in the men's bathroom upstairs, thank heavens. That floor is barely fit for walking on.

- Pookah

The Meme-Sheep says ... Baaaaa

Passed on from bansidhe, with suggestion content and disclaimer mildly tweaked ...

The first 5 people to comment in this post get to request that I make them one of the following:
Your choice -- Icon graphics are my visual wheelhouse. Sketches only if you REALLY REALLY REALLY want them. If you're looking for words over pictures, I promise story snippets or haiku or bulleted lists ... any kind of short writing.
Also, deadline is 24 hours for each request -- so if you're the first person, you get it today, second person, tomorrow, et cetera. Let me know if you want to extend the deadline ... remember, 24 hours for the request = 24 hours worth of QUALITY.

In return, they have to post this in their journal (offering graphics, vids, writing, whatever), regardless of their ability level.

Where Does a Month Go?

It goes quickly, especially when you've got:
  • Snow that lingers on the ground for a month
  • Two darling girls
  • Katsucon 2010
  • A nasty cold that goes through the whole family and has you congested for 2 weeks
  • A sudden chance to go to a hockey game (Caps vs. Hurricanes) that ends with a dramatic overtime finish
  • A new Blackberry Storm
  • Work email access for your new Blackberry Storm (meh)
  • A They Might Be Giants show
  • A Saturday gaming extravaganza!
  • A daughter with a penchant for wandering into your room a half hour before your alarm

I've been left short of time to work on that Zevran story I had started. I am mildly annoyed by both Mary-Sue-ism and slashfic, but that does take several easy tropes and story bits out the window. And of course I like a challenge ... so I'm trying to see if I could make such a thing work while including as few specific details of the Grey Warden (the hero of Dragon Age: Origins for those who are unfamiliar) as I possibly can. So it's back to a more standard Pookah concern: the lives and trials of minor characters. That should be no surprise. I adore Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.

Some of the most fun I've had so far is crafting sentences in a Zevran kind of speaking style. He runs on and uses plenty of flowery adjectives and allegories. Okay, so maybe that part's not a challenge for me. But it's FUN. More later.

- Pookah

PS: Big thanks to wmtrainguy and ceri_blue for hosting the gaming event. It was a total blast. I'd been nursing beers all night (seriously, we wrapped up after 4 am) so I'm not sure I fluently said "Thank you" at the end of it.

Mr. Excitement Does the Weather

Lost in amidst the giant piles of snow around Baltimore was the fact that the weathermen had been calling this storm from the beginning. But was it really necessary to get all worked up about it?

- Pookah

No, I have not played Mass Effect 2 yet, but I heard enough comments declaring the hilarious nature of a particular scene from the game. It's along one of the romance paths. The ship's doctor is chiming in with his "Safe Sex" talk, and wackiness ensues.

SPOILER AHEAD, but you knew that already.Collapse )

- Pookah

Have I Mentioned Great Hockey

8 minutes left in regulation, tied at 4. Tremendous scoring chances and tremendous hits. An energized crowd. This is exactly the game the NHL wants on national television on Super Bowl Sunday.

- Pookah

Great Hockey

Today. Right now. Capitals vs. Penguins. Already 5 minutes of awesome back-and-forth chances.

NBC. If you like hockey, you have to tune in.

- Pookah